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Natural Gemstone Round Beads

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Length of 1 full strand:15.5 inch(39cm)

2mm approx 170~180 beads full strand Hole size: 0.6mm
3mm approx 110~120 beads full strand Hole size: 0.6mm
4mm approx 90~95 beads full strand Hole size: 0.8mm

The Gemstone Size:,2mm 3mm 4mm

Shape: Round

Rose Quartz,Amethyst,Opalite,Labradorite,Blue Moonstone,Amazonite,Aquamarine,Lace Agate,Malachite,Garnet,Smoky Quartz,Lapis Lazuli,Amazonite,Tiger Eyes,Botswana Agate,Red Agate,Green Agate,Gray Agate,Purple Agate,Yellow Agate,Blue Agate,Moss Agate,Sunstone,Tourmaline,African Turquoise,Howlite,India Agate,Crazy Agate,Gold Obsidian,Black Obsidian,Peridot,Green Aventurine,Blue Aventurine,Pink Aventurine,Red Aventurine,Green Goldstone,Blue Goldstone,Rhodonite,Yellow Jade,Black Agate,White Shell,Labradorite,Fluorite,Crystal Quartz,Mookaite,Picasso Stone,Green Howlite,Blue Howlite,Rainforest Jasper,Snow Flake,New Jade,Red Jasper,Unakite,Sodalite,Picture Stone,Cherry Quartz,Red Coral,Ceramic

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1.Rose Quartz, 2.Amethyst, 3.Opalite, 4.Labradorite, 5.Pink Opal, 6.Blue Moonstone, 7.Citrine, 8.Aquamarine, 9.Amazonite, 10.Lace Agate, 11.Malachite, 12.Garnet, 13.Smoky Quartz, 14.Lapis Lazuli, 15.Amazonite, 16.Yellow Tigers, 17.Red Tigers, 18.Blue Tigers, 19.Botswana Agate, 20.Red Agate, 21.Green Agate, 22.Gray Agate, 23.Purple Agate, 24.Yellow Agate, 25.Blue Agate, 26.Moss Agate, 27.Sunstone, 28.Tourmaline, 29.African Turquoise, 30.Howlite, 31.India Agate, 32.Green Agate, 33.Rainbow Agate, 34.North Agate, 35.White Agate, 36.Red Agate, 37.Dream Agate, 38.Crazy Agate, 39.Gold Obsidian, 40.Black Obsidian, 41.Peridot, 42.Green Aventurine, 43.Blue Aventurine, 44.Pink Aventurine, 45.Red Aventurine, 46.Green Goldstone, 47.Blue Goldstone, 48.Red Goldstone, 49.Rhodonite, 50.Yellow Jade, 51.Black Agate, 52.White Shell, 53.Labradorite, 54.Fluorite, 55.Crystal Quartz, 56.Rhodonite, 57.Mookaite, 58.Picasso Stone, 59.Green Howlite, 60.Blue Howlite, 61.Rainforest Jasper, 62.Snow Flake, 63.New Jade, 64.Red Jasper, 65.Unakite, 66.Sodalite, 67.Picture Stone, 68.Cherry Quartz, 69.Red Coral, 70.Ceramic


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